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Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRDC)


As many of you know, there have been reports of a mystery illness affecting canines across the country.


If your dog exhibits the following symptoms, please call us for an appointment (503) 640-0472:


» Coughing

» Sneezing

» Lethargy

» Trouble breathing (blue/purple gums, gasping, open mouth breathing)


To help keep your pet safe:


» Is your dog current on his/her Canine Flu vaccine and Bordetella? If not, please call for an appointment to get those updated (503) 640-0472.

» Consider not boarding your dog away from home.

» Stay away from large gatherings of unknown dogs, unfortunately this does mean dog parks, day care, boarding, kenneling, etc.


Until we get more information on how this new illness can be treated. Here is a source for you to learn more about this illness: