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OFA Certification



OFA stands for the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and is a resource of health testing for breeders and dog owners. Health testing through OFA is suggested for any dog that is going to be bred as well as any dog that is a breed likely to have inherited disease issues. Dr. Gordon is experienced in taking OFA hip and elbow radiographs and prefers to schedule these on Wednesdays.



Here is an example of 'excellent' hips belonging to one of our client's pets.


Here is an example of hips with arthritic changes.


Here is a photo of an elbow.


I would like my dog to have OFA evaluated. How do I do that?


  • Please call and schedule an appointment. This appointment will be a drop off appointment. You will leave your dog for the procedure and pick them up after they have recovered from sedation.
  • Your dog will be sedated. Please follow our suggestions for withholding food.
  • Please go here: - This is where you may choose your forms and you fill them out to bring in with your appointment.
  • You/the owner will need to pay the application fee.


*It is important that you have the application filled out correctly with your dogs information. We cannot make any changes to the application once it is sent with your radiographs*